Dodge Challenger vs Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang Irvine

The Biggest Name in Performance and Style: The Dodge Challenger vs The Chevrolet Camaro vs The Ford Mustang 

The names "Camaro," "Mustang" and "Challenger," are all big names that resonate with people when they're mentioned. Each one brings up images of speedy and powerful sports cars that are not only fun to drive, but are fun to ride in as well! But, which one has the most to offer you in Orange County? On the one hand, all of these models combine sleek and sophisticated design with optimal speed and racing capabilities. However, when it comes to versatility, acceleration and efficiency, the Dodge Challenger comes out ahead of its competitors. Let's take a look at the best features of the Challenger by putting this sport car side-by-side with its two biggest challengers (no pun intended). After you decide, come test drive a new Challenger here at Tuttle-Click's Tustin Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram and see why so many people enjoy all that this sports car has to offer!

The Dodge Challenger vs The Chevrolet Camaro

Interior Space and Comfort 

If you're planning on spending a night out on the town with friends, you'll want to know that they are as comfortable as they can be, which the Dodge Challenger provides thanks to its five-seating capacity. The Chevy Camaro does have backseat seating, but it only seats four and its back seats have been described as "cramped" by experts and consumers alike. The Challenger also offers much more trunk space with 16.2 cubic feet over the 9 cubic feet of cargo volume that the Camaro features.

Performance and Transmission 

In looking at both of the engines in the base trims of these sports cars, you'll find that the Dodge Challenger has a bit more power to offer in its V6 engine that generates about 305 horsepower whereas the inline four-cylinder engine of the Chevy Camaro produces about 275 horsepower. The Challenger will save you money at the fuel pump in the long run as it runs on regular unleaded fuel whereas the Camaro runs on the more expensive premium unleaded fuel, making its I4 engine a bit less efficient, despite its power capabilities.

When it comes to their transmissions, the Challenger is designed more for experienced motorists and novices alike to handle with its eight-speed AutoStick® Automatic Transmission for a dynamic and controlled acceleration without the hassle of a clutch foot pedal. The standard transmission of the Chevy Camaro is a six-speed manual transmission with automatic transmission having to be upgraded with a higher trim. 

Interior Features

People like a lot of extra conveniences in their cars and, if you're looking at a sports car, you probably want it to be as fun and enjoyable as possible. The Dodge Challenger has got your back with a few extra available amenities to offer in any trim level, such as:

  • Heated and ventilated front seats
  • An onboard navigation system
  • Dual-zone automatic temperature control
  • An auto-dimming rear-view mirror
  • And a HomeLink® Universal Garage Door Opener

These features come standard on higher trims of the Challenger, but are also available on the base trim levels, meaning you don't have to miss out on any conveniences you like no matter which trim level you choose.

The Dodge Challenger vs The Ford Mustang 

Interior Seating and Convenience 

Once again, like the Chevy Camaro, the Ford Mustang only has room for four passengers with a more cramped back seat that features 29 inches of leg room. By contrast, the Challenger seats five with about 33 inches of rear leg room and comes standard with leather seating in all of its trims, which is unavailable in the base trim level of the Mustang. While the Mustang does have a lot more cargo capacity to offer, with up to 14 cubic feet, it still falls short of the 16.2 cubic feet of cargo space that the Dodge Challenger brings in. Interestingly enough, the Dodge Challenger does offer about 1,000 pounds of towing capacity, should you ever need to transport something more compact, whereas the Mustang is not recommended for towing of any kind. 

Acceleration and Transmission 

Once again, in its base trim level, the Ford Mustang offers a six-speed manual transmission, which is not ideal for those not accustomed with manual transmission; automatic transmission has to be upgraded with a higher trim. The Dodge Challenger, on the other hand, comes standard with an eight-speed AutoStick® Automatic Transmission with, which gives you the ability to shift gears at your leisure or just let the car do all the work. In this manner, you can experience the dynamic acceleration of a manual transmission without the hassle of handing dual clutch pedals. Manual transmission is also available in all trims of the Challenger, for those who are familiar with this transmission.


While both of these models are in high-demand for those who like sports cars, the Dodge Challenger has received higher ratings by consumers and experts alike, carrying a higher rating by consumer reviewers on Kelley Blue Book (KBB) and a higher rating in Overall Performance and Design by J.D. Power®.

A Convenient and User-Friendly Coupe Awaits You in Tustin! 

The Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang are big names in high-performance sports cars, however, they seem to work best when driven by only the most experienced motorists. The Dodge Challenger has a lot to offer to experts and novices alike, with its user-friendly acceleration and its more open and inviting interior cabin. Find yours today here at Tuttle-Click's Tustin Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram! We're located right here at 40 Auto Center Drive in Tustin, CA. We Hope to see you soon!

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