Tips for Spring Cleaning and Service for Your Vehicle


Spring is finally here and we're all getting ready for the longer days and more sunshine with warmer temperatures in Tustin and Anaheim and beyond. One thing we recommend doing is making sure your vehicle is ready for spring. That's what our service team here at Tuttle-Click Tustin Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM can help you with as we offer many spring maintenance services.

One of the most common services that people need when it comes to be spring is an oil change. We're here to provide you with oil service checks to see where you stand along with changing the oil to give your engine the boost it needs heading into the summer months this spring. Additionally, getting your cabin air filters checked is a good idea as well. You're going to be using the air conditioning a lot more and you'll want fresh, clean air blowing in. Speaking of air conditioners, getting your cooling system checked out is always smart too so you're not overheating in your car.

Tire rotations and alignments are also a good thing to have serviced in the spring as it will adjust the tire tread and keep your drive as smooth and efficient as possible. We also think a good cleaning of your vehicle will help you spring into spring as you can clean out the winter grime and dirt that has accumulated and give yourself a clean ride you can be confident driving in.

Our service team is here to help every step of the way and if you are in need of services, contact us and we can help you out by setting up an appointment and getting your vehicle spring ready.

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