Our Partners Maintenance Care Protects Your Vehicle and Your Budget

We all know how important it is to keep up with your regular maintenance and service, especially if you plan on keeping your car in top shape for years to come. So there's nothing worse than feeling like you have to put off -- or even skip -- a manufacturer's recommendation because you just don't have the money set aside. To avoid that, we offer our customers our Partners Maintenance Care plans.

Available in either three-year or four-year coverage terms, our Partners Maintenance Care plans make for a great way to lock in future service and maintenance costs at today's prices. Whichever length plan you opt for, you can drive with the confidence that you won't pay a penny for such services as lubrication, oil changes, oil filter replacement, and tire rotations. We even toss in complimentary multi-point inspections at each visit, just to catch anything before it becomes a major concern.

In addition to the cost savings you enjoy with our Partners Maintenance Care plans, you also gain the benefit of convenience. While others are waiting in line to pay for their service visit, you're able to get your keys, hop in your vehicle, and drive off -- without paying anything at all. That alone makes our plans worth considering!

Our plans are offered for most manufacturers and models, and available in three levels: Standard/Blend Oil, Synthetic Oil, and Diesel Oil. Contact Tuttle-Click's Tustin Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram to speak with one of our team members if you'd like more information about the plans we offer.

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